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Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is an incredibly flexible and reliable telephony system that has the benefits of on-premise and cloud solutions combined into one.


Simply Connected is an Authorized Avaya Partner with many years of experience. We have excellent references and support clients with as little as 10 and as many as 600 users over multiple sites on their AvayaIP Office.


Let us help you maintain, expand and support your system to provide the communications you need.


Why an Avaya IP Office?

Cost Effective

An on-premise PBX can be more price competitive than other options.

 Let Simply Connected review your existing phone line and support contracts to find you the best deal

Secure & Reliable

An on-premise PBX can sometimes provide the security and reliablity you need. Simply Connected can provide the support to ensure it's all working reliably and backed up


Simply Connected can work with our partners to give your existing PBX cloud features such as remote phones, cloud contact centre, AI, integrated CRM and more


An on-premise PBX can provide flexibility in certain areas that Cloud solutions cannot match. Fax ATA's, Overhead paging, strobe lights and more

Reliable when your internet is not

Certain pockets of the city still have bad internet connectivity. In situation like this an on-premise pbx using traditional phone lines can be a fantastic option 

IP Capable

Your Avaya IP Office solution is fully IP capable. You can have the best of both IP and TDM telephony

Ready to get started?

Talk to one of our specialists to find out how we can support your Avaya IP Office solution

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